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Pat Riviere-Seel Poet Writer

I write to discover what I do not know. Building a poem, word by word and line by line, I become both explorer and creator. 


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Pat Riviere-Seel Poet Writer

These poems come from a poet at the height of her powers, able to swim into deep pools of the senses and the deeper pools of understanding, subtle and complex as multiple ripples spreading and rebounding on the surface of a pond. These are poems to come for the pure pleasure in words and rhythms and play, then return again and again, for the intimate whisperings of a truer life under the surfaces of things.
—Marjorie Hudson, author of Accidental Birds of the Carolinas

WHEN THERE WERE HORSES is scheduled for publication by Main Street Rag in fall 2021. For a limited time you can pre-order the book at a significant discount. Check out my Author’s Page. Read sample poems. See what others are saying about this collection.

Pat’s preview reading from Main Street Rag’s Online Bookstore

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